Monday, November 9, 2015

Mekong Delta Tour

Mekong Delta Tour provided by VN Bike Tour
VN Bike Tour recently provides an interesting service that is called Mekong Delta Tour. This term might be very familiar with you. However, this kind of tour provided by VN Bike Tour will bring to you many new things that are different from other Mekong Tour before.Actually, our tour includes a new and wide range of options for customer to discover the beauty of Mekong Delta and to understand more about ethnic culture.
There are several kinds of mean that take you from Ho Chi Minh City namely car, boat and bike. Each kind of means has some advantages and dis-advantages. In particularly, biking about 7km through charming villages and along shady river paths. Thus we will have closed dinner in local house in a peaceful place as well. Along with our tour, you will take part in many significant activities that bring to you great trip.

What do we do during Mekong Delta Tour?
Our journey
Do you want to go to Mekong Delta with our VN Bike Tour now? Certainly, there are many of interesting activities waiting for you. During bike tour, you have an opportunity to meet locals, talk to them to understand more about their daily life and to explore something new by your own way. Biking along Mekong River, you may see plenty of islands and rivers with nice view. Besides, taking a boat and go through Mekong are also very amazing to see fruit-harvesting, coconut trees and to enjoy traditional music namely “Don Ca Tai Tu”. More interestingly, cycling through charming village and taking shady canal paths are very fantastic experience. Thus, we will eat dinner with many kinds of delicious dishes in local house that are available ingredients. You can also go to Mekong Delta Tour by private car or motorbike.
What will you get from Mekong Delta Tour?
The beauty of Mekong Delta is discovered by using private car in adventure or motorbike departing from Ho Chi Minh City. After 2 hours, we will arrive in TienGiang, we will take a boat for a cruise on the Mekong River. You can see a wonderful land through plenty of tropical gardens and simple islands that are located along Mekong Riverfor a long time. Taking some favorite and tasted fruits at once, you might feel very exciting because of its flavour.
Continuing to other island in the Mekong Delta Tour, you can understand more about handmade industry making many kinds of products by cottage and the process of making coconut candy in the local factory. The local guide will explain to you all of these process that make you understand more about their traditional culture and their styles as well.
Thus moving on a bee farm by wagon where you will transfer to a smaller boat that take you go to the Delta deeply. You might feel comfortable when eating many kinds of Mekong Dishes in some restaurant guiding by VN Bike Tour’s member.
After lunch, it is a fresh time to go to local fruit farm in TienThuy village that is just about 20km. Then we start to cycle through charming village to see their lifestyle. You may be surprised when eye-contact with nice view in Mekong River. Then we stop at local house and din with local people in a peaceful atmosphere. Backing to Ho Chi Minh City, you have many unforgettable memories in Mekong Delta. It is very easy to call us – VN Bike Tour, we will bring to you many interesting trips coming to Mekong and others.
Our service will make you happy. Our English-speaking guider will pick you up at hotel and drop-off enthusiastically. Transporting by air-conditioned minivan private and bicycle are included in our tour, You can go by using boat, motorbike or bicycle freely. Besides, local guide who is always easy-going and friendly will help you much than you wish. They will give you a Sim card 3G to use during taking part in MekongDelta Tour.

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