Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Private Mekong Delta Tour

Private Mekong Delta Tour

Mekong Delta has an area of ​​about 40,000 square kilometers in the west of Ho Chi Minh City. Mekong Delta where the mightyMekong River completed the journey 2,700 miles (4,300 kilometers) from the Tibetan plateau and its wealth poured into the South China Sea.
This is an area of ​​the lush, tropical and fertile lands. It is often called the "breadbasket" in Vietnam due to the huge production of rice. Vegetables, exotic fruits (coconut, mangosteen, mango, rambutan) and fishing are also featured here. Life in the plains around the river, and so this is the only way really to see and understand it. See more of its waterways, communities and handicrafts that are very important to the way of life here including the local floating market thrive.
Area rich in lush green vegetation and the pace of life is relaxed, natural settings and serenity. This makes a great break from the hustle of the city and an insight into local life.
Welcome to tour the Mekong Delta Tien Giang and Ben Tre's southern Vietnam, a lush, watery landscape full of rice fields, orchards, quiet villages and large, moving Mekong slow. Take a tour in the Mekong River Delta and discover news beauty of rural Vietnam with a friendly local guide.
With your guide at your side, the language barrier will not stand in your way. Meet the locals and learn how they make their living off the land;
Barter for fruit in one color or sharing a meal at the people in Ben Tre, you can explore the fascinating vehicle in a village life and learn about the first inhabitants of the locality Mekong.

Whether your travel interests and guide you are eager to customize a tour to the Mekong Delta make your time in this enchanting region of Vietnam unforgettable.
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